08 January 2019

Welcome to the Cheshire Egg Co.

Welcome to the Cheshire Egg Co’s new website. We, the Pace Family produce and pack our own free-range eggs on farm in Congleton, Cheshire. We wanted to share with you a little bit more about us and our wonderful new brand, The Cheshire Egg Co.


Our History

We have been selling eggs produced by our brilliant hens since 1931 and the business has been passed down from generation to generation, so we know our stuff when it comes to eggs!

In the past, we have sold our home-produced eggs to wholesalers, but we decided we’d love to sell direct to the consumer too. 5 years in the making… but we have finally launched our new brand, The Cheshire Egg Co. We hope you’ll love it as much as we do.  

About our Hens

We rear our hens from day old chicks, making them part of the family really.  This is great for us because it means we know exactly where they have been throughout their entire life. We operate a free-range system for our hens, providing huge open spaces to roam around in the fields and play. The happiness of our hens is paramount to us, which is why we ensure to follow the government rules and we even have more hen doors, floor space, nests perches, feeders and drinkers than the RSPCA require. 

As we are sure you can tell by now, our hens are treated like queens… We have lots of toys, trampolines and pecking boards to keep the hens happy when they venture outside the shed. Fun Fact: Hens aren’t fond of rubbish weather, which is why if it’s cold or raining, they would prefer to stay indoors. So, whilst our hens always have the option to go outside, we provide toys for them to play with in their sheds too. They just love to play! 

Why us?

The Cheshire Egg Co. maintains much of its supply chain, meaning the product excels when it comes to traceability. The crops we grow are also mixed and milled on farm to produce feed for our hens. We are able to control our hen’s diets to maximise egg quality. Similarly, we use a filtered water-system to improve the gut health of our hens for healthier and happier lives. Our grading machine, which is inspected by The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) is located on farm, benefitting the quality control procedures we have in place. 

Doing Our Bit For The Environment

We have installed solar panels which contributes to ¼ of our shed energy requirement, reducing electricity output somewhat. 

We have planted woodland trust trees in our fields, positively benefitting the environment (and our hens, they love roaming around the trees). It’s really important to us that we are sustainable and thinking of the environment in all of our processes. 

Where to Buy

The Cheshire Egg Co. eggs can be purchased from one of our local stockists. Find your nearest stockist here. 

Alternatively, you can buy using our on-farm egg vending machine located just outside of Congleton, Cheshire. Our vending machine is stocked 24/7 with only the best, delicious Cheshire Eggs.